Cellular Phonebook
Backup & Transfer Kit


Permanently backup your phonebook contacts with just one touch!


Cellphone Backup with phone data connector tips

Multiple detachable phone tips
included in every box!

All-in-one universal kit compatible with over 500 cell phones by
Google Android Gphone, BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, SonyEricsson


Never worry about
losing your phone numbers again!

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Data Backup

Contacts are never
lost, even if the
batteries die

Backup & Restore

No PC, no software,
and no monthly fees


Includes easy to use
User Guide and Setup
Connection Guide

Detachable Tips Included

Detachable tips included for
over 500 compatible phone models

Cellullar Phonebook Backup and Transfer Device Illustration

Cellular Phonebook Backup and Transfer Kit Universal Pack for $29.99 includes phone port connectors for Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC Google Android Gphone

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Simple one-touch backup solution photo
Simple one-touch
backup and transfer

Includes Detachable Phone Data Port Connectors
Includes phone tips
for over 500 phones!

Easy connection to a phone dataport
Easy connection to
a phone dataport

Winner of Five Industry Awards!


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  • Compatible Phones

USB Phone Compatibility List

  • Samsung
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • HTC
  • BlackBerry

Supported BlackBerry Phones

STORM Series

9500,   9530

BOLD Series


Curve Series

8300,   8310,   8320,   8330

Pearl Series

8100,   8100c,   8110,   8120,   8130,   8220 FLIP

8800 Series

8800,   8820,   8830

Electron Series

8700c/f/g/r,   8703e

Charm Series

7100,   7100g/i/r/t/v/x,   7105,   7105t,   7130c/e/g/v

7200/7500 Series

7210,   7230,   7250,   7280,   7290,   7510,   7520

6200/6500 Series

6210,   6220,   6230,   6280,   6290,   6510

Supported HTC Phones

Google Android Gphone

T-Mobile G1

Supported LG Phones

AX Series

AX245,   AX275,   AX300,   AX355,   AX380 WAVE,   AX390,   AX490/AX490A,   AX565 MUZIQ,   AX830 GLIMMER,   AX4750,   AX5000,   AX8600

LX Series

LX160,   LX260 RUMOR,   LX350,   LX550 FUSIC,   LX570 MUZIQ,   LX600 LOTUS,   LX5450,   LX5550,   PM225(LX225),   PM325(LX325)

UX Series

UX210,   UX245,   UX380,   UX390,   UX4750,   UX5000

VX Series

VX3400,   VX3450,   VX4650,   VX4700,   VX5200,   VX5300,   VX5400,   VX5500,   VX6000,   VX6100,   VX7000,   VX8000,   VX8100,   VX8300,   VX8350,   VX8500 CHOCOLATE,   VX8550 CHOCOLATE II,   VX8550A CHOCOLATE II,   VX8560 CHOCOLATE III,   VX8600,   VX8610 DECOY,   VX8700,   VX8800 VENUS,   VX9100 enV2,   VX9400,   VX9700 DARE,   VX9800 The V,   VX10000 VOYAGER

International Series (CANADA)

LG150,   LG160,   LG245,   LG260 RUMOR,   LG285, LG380,   LG490,   LG550 FUSIC,   LG570 MUZIQ,   LG830 VANTAGE,   LG8100,   LG8500 CHOCOLATE,   LG8550 CHOCOLATE SPIN,   LG8600 CHOCOLATE FLIP,   LG8700 SHINE,   LG8800 VENUS,   LG9100 KEYBO

Supported Motorola Phones

KRAVE Series


KRZR Series

KRZR K1,   K1m,   K3

Z9 Series


PEBL Series


RIZR Series

RIZR Z3,   Z6C,   Z6M,   Z6TV

RAZR2 Series

RAZR2 V9,   V9m (Verizon & Alltel Only)

RAZR Series

RAZR Maxx Ve,   V6 maxx,   V3x,   V3t,   V3s,   V3r,   V3m,   V3i (Dolce & Gabana),   V3i,   V3c,   V3a,   V3,   V3xx

SLVR Series

L2,   L7,   L7c,   L6,   L6i,   L71,   L72,   L9

ROKR Series

ROKR E1 (E790)

A Series

A630,   A840,   A845

C Series

C290,   C331g,   C331t,   C332,   C333,   C333c,   C333g,   C341a,   C343,   C343a,   C350,   C350g,   C353,   C353t,   C650,   C975

E Series

E380,   E398,   E815,   E816,   E1000,   E1070

W Series

W385,   W490,   W510,   W755

VU Series

VU204,   VU30

V Series

V180,   V188,   V190,   V195,   V197,   V220,   V235,   V260,   V262,   V265,   V266,   V276,   V300,   V323i,   V325,   V325i,   V330,   V360,   V361,   V365,   V400,   V500,   V505,   V525,   V535,   V540,   V547,   V551,   V551j,   V557,   V600,   V600i,   V620,   V635,   V710,   V750,   V810c,   V810,   V975,   V980

Legacy Phones

270c,   P280,   T300P,   T720,   T720c,   T720g,   T720i,   T721,   T722i,   T725e,   T730c,   T731,   T731c,   V120,   V120c,   V120e,   V120t,   V120x,   V60,   V60 Color,   V60ci,   V60g,   V60gi,   V60i,   V60ic,   V60ig,   V60p,   V60s,   V60t,   V60t Color,   V60ti,   V60x,   V65P,   V66,   V66i,   V70,   V80

Supported Nokia Phones

XpressMusic Series

5200/5200b,   5300/5300b,   5310, 5610,   5320,   5630,   5700,   5500d SPORT,   5700b

2000 Series


3000 Series

3110 (Classic),   3155/3155i,   3500 (Classic),   3555/3555b,   3250,   3230

6000 Series

6121,   6720 (Classic),   6710 NAVIGATOR,   6650 FOLD,   6220 (Classic),   6210 NAVIGATOR,   6124c,   6120 (Classic),   6110 NAVIGATOR,   6290,   6122,   6620,   6630,   6680,   6681,   6682,   6670b,   6260,   6085/6086,   6111,   6125/6126,   6131,   6133/6133b,   6136,   6151,   6155i,   6165i,   6170/6170b,   6230/6230b,   6230i,   6233,   6234,   6235i,   6236i,   6255/6255i,   6256i,   6263,   6265i,   6267,   6270,   6275i,   6280,   6288,   6300,   6301/6301b,   6500(Slide),   6500(Classic),   6555/6555b,   6651

7000 Series

7270/7270b,   7370,   7373,   7390,   7500 PRISM,   7600,   7610

E Series

E51,   E71,   E65,   E62,   E61i,   E61,   E50,   E90 COMMUNICATOR,   E75,   E70,   E66,   E63,   E60,   E55,   E71x

N Series

N73,   N92,   N93,   N93i,   N95,   N70,   N71,   N72,   N80,   N90,   N91,   N86 8MP,   N86,   N75,   N76,   N77,   N78,   N79,   N81,   N81 (8GB),   N82,   N85,   N96

Supported Sony Ericsson Phones

K Series

K510,   K550,   K750,   K790

S Series


T Series

T650,   TM506

W Series

W300,   W890,   W880,   W810,   W800,   W710,   W660,   W610,   W600,   W580,   W550,   W380,   W350,   W900

Z Series

Z310,   Z520,   Z525,   Z550,   Z710,   Z750

Supported Samsung Phones

SCH Series

SCH-A530,   SCH-A570,   SCH-A610,   SCH-A630,   SCH-A645,   SCH-A650,   SCH-A670,   SCH-A790,   SCH-A795,   SCH-A850(Verizon only),   SCH-A870,   SCH-A930,   SCH-A970,   SCH-A990,   SCH-N330,   SCH-R210,   SCH-R400 LIME,   SCH-R410,   SCH-R430 MY SHOT,   SCH-R500 HUE,   SCH-R510 WAFER,   SCH-R610,   SCH-U340 (Verizon only),   SCH-U410,   SCH-U420,   SCH-U470 JUKE,   SCH-U520,   SCH-U540,   SCH-U550,   SCH-U650,   SCH-U700 GLEAM,   SCH-U740 ALIAS,   SCH-U900 FLIPSHOT,   SCH-U940 GLYDE

SGH Series

SGH-A436,   SGH-A437,   SGH-D307,   SGH-D347,   SGH-D357,   SGH-D407,   SGH-D520,   SGH-D806,   SGH-D807,   SGH-D830,   SGH-D840,   SGH-D900i,   SGH-D908,   SGH-E840,   SGH-E870,   SGH-E878,   SGH-E900,   SGH-M610,   SGH-P300,   SGH-T219,   SGH-T229,   SGH-T309,   SGH-T329 STRIPE,   SGH-T339,   SGH-T409,   SGH-T429,   SGH-T439,   SGH-T509,   SGH-T519 TRACE,   SGH-T539 BEAT,   SGH-T609,   SGH-T619,   SGH-T629,   SGH-T719,   SGH-T729 BLAST,   SGH-T739 KATALYST,   SGH-T809,   SGH-U100,   SGH-U600,   SGH-X506,   SGH-X507,   SGH-X820,   SGH-X830

SPH Series

SPH-A420,   SPH-A560,   SPH-A580,   SPH-A600,   SPH-A620,   SPH-A660,   SPH-A640,   SPH-A680,   SPH-A700,   SPH-A800,   SPH-A820,   SPH-A840,   SPH-A880,   SPH-A900 BLADE,   SPH-A920,   SPH-A940,   SPH-A960,   SPH-M320,   SPH-M500,   SPH-M510,   SPH-M520,   SPH-M540 RANT,   SPH-M610,   SPH-M620 UPSTAGE,   SPH-M630 HIGHNOTE,   SPH-M800 INSTINCT

Product Features and Highlights

Cellular Phonebook Backup Device with Connector Tips and Descriptions

Product Features

  • Simple, one-touch, phonebook backup and transfer
  • No computer or software required
  • No subscription or monthly fee
  • Works across phone brands, models, and carriers
  • Supports SIM card and phone memory contacts
  • Instantly transfer phonebook contacts from old to new phone
  • Free Tech Support via phone or e-mail
  • Only one SKU! Single package supports all compatible phone models
  • One of a kind offering! No other simple, non-computer based backup solution currently at market

Product Overview

In the U.S. alone, over 60 million cell phones are lost, stolen, or damaged, and statistics report that only 1% of cell phone users back up their phonebooks. Information accumulated over years from friends and colleagues is lost. Cellular Phonebook Backup & Transfer Kit For Dummies provides a quick and easy solution to this problem. With just the touch of a button, up to 4,000 names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses are backed up and stored. Restoring to a new phone is equally simple-- ­ just one touch of a button and contacts are instantly uploaded. Losing, damaging, or upgrading to a new phone is no longer a hassle. Cellular Phonebook Backup & Transfer Kit For Dummies incorporates award-winning technology and doesn´t require a computer, software, or a subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

General and Product Info
*CPBTKFD = Cellular Phonebook Backup and Transfer Kit FOR DUMMIES
  1. What is the Cellular Phonebook Backup and Transfer Kit For Dummies (CPBTKFD)?

    CPBTKFD is a unique product that simply, safely, and securely creates and stores a backup of your cellular phonebook.

    CPBTKFD is the only hand-held, battery-powered, consumer device that will back up and store a permanent copy of your contacts with a quick tap of the backup button. What's more, by simply changing detachable tips, those very same contacts are easily transferred to another phone with a 5-second press of the restore button.

    Making a safe backup and transferring to another phone has never been easier.

  2. How do I know if CPBTKFD supports my phone?

    Easy, all you need is the model number of your phone. Look up your model on the compatibility chart and see which detachable tip you'll need (if any).

    CPBTKFD supports many different types of phones from various manufacturers and carriers all with one device.

    Don't see your phone listed? Not to worry, we're constantly adding support for additional manufacturers and models, and CPBTKFD is as simple to update as it is to use. Feel free to check back often, or you can sign up with an e-mail address for automatic notification.

    To place yourself on the notification list, please use the drop-down lists on the right-hand side of the homepage at http://dummies.backup-pal.com. Choose "Other" and hit "Go.". Make sure you enter your preferred e-mail and the specific manufacturer and model number of your phone. We'll let you know immediately when we finalize support for it.

    Please Note: Not all phones are manufactured with a way for CPBTKFD to communicate with it. Due to this, not all phones can be supported by CPBTKFD.

  3. How do you use CPBTKFD?

    We've made it extremely simple to use CPBTKFD by putting a tremendous amount of time into making sure that you only need to press a single button to create a safe copy of your cellular phonebook.

    Short Instructions

    To back up your phone:

    1. Connect CPBTKFD to your phone.

    2. Push the Backup button.
      It's really that simple.

    To restore your contacts to another phone:
    1. Connect CPBTKFD to your phone.

    2. Push and hold the Restore button for 5 seconds. Yes, it is really, really that simple.

    Detailed Instructions

    To backup your phone:
    1. Fully charge your phone with CPBTKFD before any operation..

    2. Shut your phone off and then turn it back on.

      Some phones may take up to 60 seconds to read information in
      the phone, so please allow one minute before continuing.

      The explanation should go underneath the step.

    3. (If necessary) Select the proper detachable tip according to the compatibility chart and plug it into the data port on your phone.

    4. Plug CPBTKFD into the detachable tip (if necessary) or directly into the data port of your phone.
      Please see the user manual for your mobile phone if unsure of where this is.

    5. Tap the backup button briefly and sit back while CPBTKFD does all the work.

    6. The blinking orange LED shows that CPBTKFD is detecting which phone it is connected to.

      The blinking Green LED shows that CPBTKFD is transferring your cellular phonebook from the phone to the memory in CPBTKFD.

      The steady green LED shows that your CPBTKFD unit now has a permanent copy of your cellular phonebook (copy can be voluntarily erased by holding the Reset button in for 5 seconds with a paper clip or pen-tip).

    7. If you missed the final light indicator, quickly tapping the backup button twice will repeat it for you.

    8. Should you receive red flashing codes instead of green at the end of the operation make sure you check the Status Indication/LED light before fully recharging and restarting your phone and trying again.

    9. Please feel free to contact customer service for additional support if necessary.

    To restore or transfer your cellular phonebook:
    1. Repeat Steps 1-4 above with the phone you are transferring or restoring your contacts to.

    2. Hold the restore button down for 5 seconds and release.

    3. The blinking orange LED shows that CPBTKFD is detecting which phone it is connected to.

      The blinking Green LED shows that CPBTKFD is transferring your cellular Phonebook from the CPBTKFD memory to the new phone.
      (Indicated by the blinking green light).

      The steady green LED shows that the Restore was a success.
    4. Did you miss the last LED message?
      Quickly tapping the Restore button twice will repeat it for you.

    As you can see, CPBTKFD represents a whole new sophistication of cellphone backup. One-Touch and you're done is the ultimate in convenience and security for your cellular phonebook.

  4. I don't see my phone model listed; does CPBTKFD support phone model XXX?

    Manufacturers are coming out with new phone models faster and faster these days, and, at times, it can be difficult for us to keep our lists current. If you do not see your model listed in the drop down lists on our homepage (http://dummies.backup-pal.com), please select Other from the drop down lists, click GO and enter your e-mail address, phone manufacturer, and specific model when prompted. By doing so, you'll guarantee yourself an automatic e-mail when we finalize support for it.

  5. I've checked all over, and I don't see my phone model listed. Do you support it? Where can I get this information?

    The CPBTKFD homepage (http://dummies.backup-pal.com) has two drop-down lists for the manufacturer and model number of your phone.

    If your phone is not on these lists, please choose Other as appropriate and click GO. Please make sure to fill in a valid e-mail address where you can be notified and the full name of the manufacturer and full model number of your phone.

    After your phone is supported, we'll be sure to contact you and let you know.

  6. I have a SIM card phone; what advantages does CPBTKFD offer over a SIM-card copy device?

    • CPBTKFD stores up to 4,000 contacts and includes multiple numbers per name, nickname, URLs, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, notes, and other contact data supported by your phone.
    • SIM cards (GSM phones) store a maximum of 250 names with one number for each name.
    • CPBTKFD works with any phone model listed as compatible. The model number is usually listed on a sticker under the battery of your phone.
    • Many different types of SIM cards exist in the market, and it's difficult to find a product that will work properly with every type of phone and SIM card you may end up with. Determining which type of card you have can also be a complicated and frustrating process.
    • CPBTKFD effortlessly transfers information from SIM card phones (GSM) to non-SIM card phones (CDMA/WCDMA) with ease.
    • SIM cards cannot be transferred to non-SIM card phones with a SIM card copy tool.
    • CPBTKFD has sophisticated data processing that handles special characters and other data properly when copying between phones of different memory types.

  7. What can CPBTKFD do that transferring my SIM card won't?

    Besides easily moving your contacts to a phone from another carrier, using CPBTKFD has many advantages (instead of swapping your SIM card around):

    SIM Card:

    • 250 contacts
    • Name + 1 Number


    • Average of 2,000 contacts
    • Name + as many numbers as your phone supports
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Contact Name
    • Nickname
    • URL
    • Date of Birth
    • E-mail Address
    • Physical Address
    • Notes

  8. I have 2 phones, how many CPBTKFDs do I need?

    To store a safe copy of each phonebook, you would need two CPBTKFD units. To simply transfer contacts from one to the other, you would need only one CPBTKFD.

  9. My new phone doesn't support multiple numbers per name like my old phone does. Will I lose numbers? How does CPBTKFD handle this?

    Due to the immense amount of work and ingenuity that has been built into CPBTKFD, these types of transfers are handled quickly, efficiently, and automatically. Below is an example of how CPBTKFD will handle this situation depending on your phone type:

    Phone #1 supports multiple numbers per name:

    Name: Superman
    Cell: 555-555-1111
    Home: 555-555-2222
    Work: 555-555-3333

    Phone #2 supports one number per unique name:
    In this case, CPBTKFD works a little magic to make sure all the numbers are saved properly by creating some new names:

    Name: Superman
    Cell: 555-555-1111
    Name: Superman1
    Home: 555-555-2222
    Name: Superman2
    Work: 555-555-3333

    Phone #3 supports the same name multiple times:
    CPBTKFD lists the name multiple times in a row with each number:

    Name: Superman
    Cell: 555-555-1111
    Name: Superman
    Home: 555-555-2222
    Name: Superman
    Work: 555-555-3333

    No matter which phone you come from or the compatible phone you're transferring to, CPBTKFD already knows the optimum processes for handling the safety and security of your data.

  10. What happens if I reset CPBTKFD and accidentally restore to my phone? Will I lose all of my numbers?

    Your contacts will not be overwritten or erased. We are in the business of preserving contacts and as such have made the decision to remove this potential 'accident' from happening. CPBTKFD will automatically recognize that it has been reset and refuse to overwrite the phonebook on your phone. Yes, this means you'll have to delete your contacts the slow way . . . sorry.

  11. What happens to my names and numbers if I don't use my CPBTKFD for a long time or the batteries need to be replaced?

    Not to worry, CPBTKFD stores your phonebook information using memory hardware that does not require batteries to store information. Your contacts will remain safe whether CPBTKFD has batteries in it or not.

*CPBTKFD = Cellular Phonebook Backup and Transfer Kit FOR DUMMIES
  1. CPBTKFD finishes with 2 red flashes

    CPBTKFD may not be properly connected to the phone and is having trouble communicating with it. Please fully charge your phone, remove the battery for one full minute, turn your phone on, and wait one minute before connecting CPBTKFD and retrying your last operation.

  2. CPBTKFD finishes with 3 red flashes

    The phone that CPBTKFD is connected to is currently unsupported. To see if upgrades are available, please choose your manufacturer and model number by using the drop down lists on the right hand side of http://dummies.backup-pal.com and select the Go button. Should you find that we don't currently support that model phone, please be sure to add yourself to the notification list so we are able to contact you as soon as we do.

  3. CPBTKFD finishes with 4 red flashes

    There was an error of some kind during the backup or restore of the phonebook. Please fully recharge your phone, turn it off and back on, and wait for it to be fully ready before retrying the last operation. (Notice: Some phones require up to 60 seconds after being turned on before they are ready.) Your backup or restore should now function properly.

  4. CPBTKFD starts with orange flashes and then switches to green and red flashes for 30 seconds before stopping. What do I do now?

    The repeating red/green flashing is a notification that your phone is set to a data mode that is unusable by CPBTKFD. Please refer to the Setup/Connection guide for your specific manufacturer for simple to follow instructions on how to change your specific phone model to the proper data mode. After your phone is set to the proper data mode, retry the last operation and CPBTKFD will work as it was designed.

  5. I restored my contacts to a new phone but the names/numbers are scrambled?

    On rare occasions the software on a phone, for any number of reasons, will behave unexpectedly.

    Fully resetting the phone before retrying the last operation will usually set the phone back to factory operation and allow a successful Backup or Restore operation.

    To fully reset your phone:

    • Make sure your phone is completely charged
    • Remove the battery from your phone
    • Wait one full minute before replacing the battery
    • Turn on your phone
    • Wait until the phone has fully restarted
    • Retry the last operation

  6. I'm moving my cellular phonebook from a phone that has a SIM card (GSM) to a phone that doesn't (CDMA). Will this be a problem for CPBTKFD?

    No, this won't cause CPBTKFD any trouble.

    CPBTKFD backs up the information from both the SIM card in your phone and the memory location in the phone itself.

    When these contacts are transferred to a phone that does not have a SIM card, all of the contacts are stored into the phone memory location of the new phone.

    As an additional feature, all of the contacts that came from the SIM card will be marked with an asterisk (*) so you can tell them apart from the contacts that were on the phone itself.

  7. I've tried to use CPBTKFD on my older phone using the adapter tip but all CPBTKFD does is flash orange for 10 minutes or more. What's wrong?

    You'll rarely see this issue and the fix is quite simple.
    Simply start your backup or restore process again and press the adapter tip and phone together firmly. This will create a better connection, and you should see CPBTKFD switch to a quickly flashing green light indicating the process is continuing normally.

    When the orange light is flashing, CPBTKFD is creating a data connection with the phone. On rare occasions, CPBTKFD will encounter an intermittent connection and have difficulty finishing this step. Many manufacturers have switched to USB type connections on their phones to prevent their customers having this issue with newer phones.

  8. Motorola V3 phone shows 4 red flashes from CPBTKFD. What's wrong?

    We've had a few reports of issues arising with several Motorola V3 model phones. Please ensure that CPBTKFD has good batteries and that the phone is completely charged before using. Remove the battery from your phone for one full minute, replace and turn phone on, and flip or slide the phone open if necessary. Allow one minute for the phone to completely turn on. Repeat last operation with CPBTKFD. Should you continue to receive 4 red flashes, you may need to use an M3 tip. Please be sure to contact support@backup-pal.com for further assistance if necessary.

  9. My CPBTKFD is showing 4 quick red flashes that keep repeating. What does this mean?

    Your CPBTKFD batteries are low. Please replace with fresh batteries before starting any further Backup or Restore operations.

  10. No matter what I do I can't get anything but 2 red flashes when using CPBTKFD with the M2 tip. Am I doing something wrong?

    Short answer? No. If you've made sure your phone is fully charged and reset before backing up or restoring and you still get 2 red flashes, the M2 tip is having problems talking to your phone. This problem is common on older Motorolas and can most often be solved by firmly pressing the M2 tip and your phone together during any backup or restore operation.

    To allow a proper backup, follow these steps:

    • Thoroughly clean the exposed contacts on your phone.
      (please carefully follow the steps recommended by the manufacturer of your phone)
    • Connect CPBTKFD to the M2 tip and the M2 tip to your phone.
    • Press the backup or restore button.
    • Firmly press the M2 tip and your phone together.
      (CPBTKFD will begin flashing green approximately 2-3 seconds after a good connection is made)

Post Sales
*CPBTKFD = Cellular Phonebook Backup and Transfer Kit FOR DUMMIES
  1. I purchased a gift certificate to be e-mailed to someone, and it has not been received yet.

    You should receive confirmation of your order as soon as you finish the online transaction.

    The gift certificate is sent after the order is actually processed, and this may take a bit of time. Orders received by noon PST are usually processed the same day.

    If the e-mail has not arrived after a day or so, please have the recipient check their spam-box for an e-mail from backup-pal.com.

    If you believe there may be a problem, please contact us immediately at support@backup-pal.com for more information.

  2. I received a gift certificate as a gift. How do I use it to purchase a CPBTKFD?

    Congratulations on receiving CPBTKFD as a gift.

    Your gift certificate code can be used during any purchase from http://dummies.backup-pal.com. To view a list of all currently compatible phone models, you can go to http://dummies.backup-pal.com/purchase.

    You may use the Gift Certificate in one of two ways:

    • You can create an account and apply the gift certificate to the account by going to http://dummies.backup-pal.com/redeem and following the simple instructions.
    • You can purchase CPBTKFD without creating an account by choosing your purchases from our online store and entering the gift certificate code during checkout.